Our Manufacturing

BelProm Engineering LLC has own manufacturing workshop in Brest.

Equipment manufacturing is carried out using modern metalworking technologies on CNC machines:

  1. Waterjet cutting machine
  2. CNC Press Brake Delem
  3. Hydraulic CNC 4 Roller Rolling Machine
  4. Dished head flanging machine
  5. Hydraulic Guillotine Shears
  6. Shot blasting chamber

Our manufacturing employs specialists who constantly improve their level of knowledge, attend specialized trainings, participate in equipment exhibitions for the food industry both here and abroad, and have the necessary certificates and licenses. 

In this way , choosing the equipment of our company, you get:

  1. Quality
    • All equipment is tested, has a modern design and meets the technical specifications of the client.
  2. Certification
    • Our equipment complies with all standards and requirements, and also has all the necessary certificates and declarations.
  3. Warranties
    • We are responsible for the quality of our equipment and provide a guarantee for a period of 12 to 36 months.