CIP Stations

Single-circuit, double-circuit, three- and four-circuit automatic circulation washing stations from BelPromEngineering trademark with a capacity of 20 m3 / h, 25 m3 / h, 30 m3 / h and 40 m3 / h are the automatic CIP systems designed to clean technological equipment, such as packaging machines, pasteurizers, hygienic pipelines, tanks, aseptic tanks, plate heat exchangers, etc. without the need to dismantle the system equipment.

Our equipment is designed to accurately monitor key cleaning parameters, such as temperature, flow and concentration of detergents and water, as well as the interaction time of detergents with contaminated equipment required to clean it.
The equipment is designed as modules, on the principle of one module, one circuit. This makes it possible to easily upgrade our washing station with minimal costs while increasing the production of our customers.

Manufacturing our equipment, we use components only from reputable and trusted manufacturers. Ease of use allows our customers easily to learn how to operate with washing station. The automated control system is based on the WAGO industrial controller and the operator panel.

Our experts will develop for you an electronic journal of the washing station, which helps you to monitor the entire washing process for 6 last months after washing cycles and archives the basic parameters of the wash (wash object, start of the wash, wash time, errors that occur during the wash).

We make the technological process transparent.