Sewer trays and drains

Our organization manufactures slotted and U-shaped stainless steel sewer trays AISI 304 grade with 1.2 - 2 mm thickness. The trays are made of sheet metal; whilemanufacturing the tray section, the slope necessary for the drain is provided.

Using the U-shaped trays, they need to be equipped with a walking deck in order to avoid injuries when the legs hit the tray. The flooring is made of corrugated sheet with a thickness 3 mm, can be smooth or with a pattern. The pattern of the flooring is agreed with the customer.

Sewer trays can be equipped with ladders, the ladder size is selected based on the size of the tray and in accordance with operating conditions. The sewer ladder is equipped with a removable filter grate and a water seal. The flooring of the ladder is made of corrugated sheet, can be smooth or with cutouts.

For tray manufacturing we use our own machines and equipment, which allows us to satisfy any customer needs.