Pasteurization and cooling Unit

For the production of our equipment, we use components only from proven and trusted manufacturers:

  • plate heat exchangers Zimller (own manufacturing), Sondex, Alfa Lavall, Gea;
  • tube and soldered heat exchangers Secespol;
  • centrifugal pumps of the hygienic series Spomasz, Tecnicapompe;
  • circulation pulsers Wilo;
  • AWH butterfly valves;
  • GEA seat valves;
  • regulating steam valves Burkert;
  • refractometers JUMO, Endress + Hauser;
  • flow meters Endress + Hauser, Siemens;
  • pressure sensors Endress + Hauser, IFM;
  • vibration level sensors Endress + Hauser, Niwomer
  • SMC compressed air preparation and distribution system
  • industrial controllers Wago, Siemens

A typical line usually includes:

  • a plate heat exchange unit capable of changing the modes of heat treatment both during heating and during cooling;
  • tube holder with a variable exposure time;
  • installation of heat carrier preparation;
  • separator (cleaner, cream separator);
  • homogenizer;
  • installation of deaeration;
  • automated control system based on an industrial controller.

Installations are made on the basis of customer requirements, binding to service environments and premises.