Food Industrial Tanks

BelPromEngineering LLC is a manufacturer of tanks equipment for the dairy, wine, vodka, beer and other food industries, we also manufacture containers for the chemical industry (manufacturing of varnishes, paints, storage of chemical products).

We make stainless steel vertical containers AISI 304, AISI 316 grades. The working volume of containers manufactured by BelProm Engineering LLC is from 0.1 to 25 m3; material for the manufacturing of containers is stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L. 

According to customer requirements, the tank can be equipped with the following components:

  1. Stainless steel thermo-jacket for cooling or heating of, or heating based on a flexible heating element;
  2. Thermal insulation by mineral wool mats;
  3. Sensors of the limit or current level, temperature, and other instrumentation;
  4. Adjustable feet
  5. Frame mixers, paddle mixers with lateral or vertical design;
  6. Washing heads;
  7. Air and vacuum valves, as well as other equipment at the request of the customer.

The container can be equipped with a side hatch, mounted on supports or on its own platform, have a lid and a bottom with conical or flat type, and also have individual equipment according to customer requirements.

Each tank is designed and manufactured on the basis of an individual approach in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the conditions of its operation. BelProm Engineering LLC has the necessary equipment and qualified specialists for the manufacturing of capacitive equipment that complies with STB, GOST and ISO 9001 standards.